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Our Mission:

"Our mission is to mark people’s life positively, always believing that as students learn how to use their body in a wide variety of ways and improve their self-awareness, they become mentally and physically stronger and more self-confident."

--Ninja Pinto (Head Professor and Owner)


The Story:

Brazil Academy was founded in 2010 by Ninja Pinto. Our family-run establishment celebrates community, health, Brazilian culture, hard work, and family.  Our classes are taught by world-class Instructors and Professors, and are suitable for anyone, from beginner to advanced.  We routinely host guest teachers from all around the world to share their expertise and wisdom.  

Located near both I-35 and I-435 in Lenexa, KS, we invite students from all around the KC Metro to join us.  Have a question?  See our FAQ page, or Contact Us for more information. 

Stop in for a great class, stay for a delicious Brazilian snack, meal, or drink, and make new friends along the way.  Join our family today!

We pride ourselves on being a School of Martial Arts. Our entire faculty, are constantly striving to ensure you get the best education in whatever Program you're enrolled in. Our team understands the life-changing power these Programs hold, and go above and beyond to help you grow.

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